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A Texas DWI and Your Career


When a person is facing a Texas DWI charge, they may be thinking of the fines and legal penalties. It can be an extremely upsetting time and it is difficult for individuals in these circumstances to assess all of the details of an arrest. An experienced Houston DWI lawyer has the skills to determine your best path forward and can explain what a DWI charge means for you. There are examples of individuals having professional consequences because of a DWI conviction.

Professional Consequences in Some Industries

Of course, the impact on your professional life, or how severe the impact will be, depends on what field you work in. For example, if you work in any of the following areas, the consequences could be serious.

  • Security jobs, or other positions that require criminal background checks.
  • Teachers, and work that involves children such as daycare.
  • Drivers and forklift operators, or positions with use of company vehicles as an essential part of the job.
  • Law enforcement, and other titles that are pillars of a community.

There are also examples of DWI convictions having an affect on careers involving professional licenses. There are a wide range of these, including individuals who have careers that rely on medical licenses, CPA licenses, and more.

After a Texas DWI arrest, it is important you protect yourself from a range of impacts, including those to your professional career. When you connect with a skilled Houston DWI lawyer, an attorney can share what options are available for you in your situation.

It is difficult to manage all of the impacts of a charge on your own. There are community service commitments to consider along with any alcohol treatment plans that could be mandatory. Considering all of the impacts of a DWI charge as soon as possible is a path to securing your future, professionally and personally.

How to Answer Employment Questions About a DWI

There are times when a DWI conviction is already on your record and there is no way to turn back the clock. Then, it is essential you do what you can to move forward and improve your circumstances.

If you are in a job interview, be honest. You do not have to volunteer information about your past experiences, but if a hiring manager inquires about your criminal record do not lie. Opportunities may still be open for you when you acknowledge the mistake, highlight your strengths and mention any life lessons you garnered as a result.

An attorney can help you navigate your options following a DWI charge. An experienced attorney can work on your defense as soon as you reach out, get started today.

Are you worried about the impact of an arrest on your career? Our experienced legal team can defend you against criminal charges. We have the knowledge to protect you whether the alleged crime was minor or serious. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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