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Monthly Archives: June 2024


Domestic Violence Accusations And How To Defend Yourself

By Ayson Law Firm |

Authorities take domestic violence allegations seriously, often leading to swift legal action and severe penalties upon conviction. But everyone has the right to defend themselves, an accusation does not equate to guilt. If you believe you are innocent and need legal support, talk to a Houston criminal lawyer about key strategies for defending yourself… Read More »

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Basics Of DWI Laws In Texas

By Ayson Law Firm |

Understanding the basics of Texas DWI laws is essential for anyone facing a drunk driving charge. A key thing to recognize is that there is a legal limit when it comes to blood alcohol levels and violations can lead to severe penalties. If you need support after a DWI arrest, connect with a Houston… Read More »

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Behaviors That Could Result In A Reckless Driving Charge

By Ayson Law Firm |

If you or someone you know is facing a reckless driving accusation, it is important to recognize that this is a serious charge that requires prompt and professional legal attention. Having a full understanding of what constitutes reckless driving and the penalties that can follow is part of protecting your rights. Consult with a… Read More »

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DPS-Approved Education Programs For Texas DWI Offenders

By Ayson Law Firm |

In Texas, if you’re convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) you may be ordered to complete an education program as part of your sentence. These programs are designed to educate offenders about the dangers of impaired driving and prevent future offenses. To learn more about what these education programs entail, why they need to… Read More »

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