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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > Drug Crime > A Simple Drug Possession Charge Can Be Complex

A Simple Drug Possession Charge Can Be Complex


Criminal offenders in the state of Texas have found themselves facing stiff sentences. This is true for a range of crimes, including drug possession. But lately, some minor drug crimes are being treated differently. There have been many examples of individuals becoming involved in treatment plans rather than going to jail. Or jail time has been reduced.

Of course, uncomfortable penalties are still possible. After all, a simple drug charge is still a serious situation. If you have been arrested, talk to a Houston drug crime lawyer as soon as possible. You need an experienced attorney advocating for you and protecting your rights.

Prioritizing Rehabilitation and Treatment

While Texas has taken steps to prioritize drug treatment and rehabilitation, penalties and punishments are still possible. Offenders will have their crimes assessed individually. Substance abuse issues and past offenses will be taken into account. Mandatory treatment could be part of the process.

The quantity of the substance will also be part of determining the severity of a charge. So, if you were in possession of under two ounces of marijuana (class A misdemeanor), you will face a different misdemeanor level than an individual who possesses two-four ounces (class B misdemeanor). Larger amounts will no longer be misdemeanors, they will be classified as felonies.

  • Class A misdemeanor – up to 12 months in jail, a fine, or both.
  • Class B misdemeanor – up to six months in jail, a fine, or both.
  • Felony – 180 days to two years in jail, a fine, or both.

First offenses are less likely to receive maximum punishments, but it is still possible. Drug penalties can be severe. While rehabilitation has become more prevalent, it should not be assumed that a simple drug possession charge will be dismissed or only result in mandatory treatment.

Talk to a Texas Lawyer if You are Charged with Possession

Even if a friend of yours went through a treatment program but avoided jail time after a simple drug possession charge, that does not mean you will have the same results. Each situation is unique and it is possible you will be facing time in jail and high fines. A Houston drug crime lawyer can strategize the best defense for your situation.

Reach out as soon as you are arrested. A skilled attorney can immediately assess the situation and take steps to get the best outcome. For some this will mean drug rehabilitation, others will have charges dropped. If needed, a plea deal can be negotiated. If your freedom and reputation is on the line, you need an individual who is an expert at navigating the justice system.

Are you wondering what a simple drug possession charge means for your future? Our experienced legal team can defend you against criminal charges and explore treatment and rehabilitation options. We have the knowledge to protect you whether the alleged crime was minor or serious. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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