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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > Drug Trafficking Charges In The State Of Texas

Drug Trafficking Charges In The State Of Texas


Drug trafficking charges are extremely serious as they involve manufacturing, delivering, or transporting drugs. This means the activity could be putting others at risk.

Drug offenses can lead to fines and jail time, it is important for you to connect with an experienced Houston criminal lawyer in order to defend your rights. There may be more than one option to move forward, understanding what strategies are available means you can make an informed decision.

Penalties and Drug Trafficking Charges

If a person is transferring or selling drugs, they could be charged with drug delivery. There are also times when trafficking charges will be attached to a person preparing drugs for sale or processing controlled substances. There are even examples of individuals who were charged with drug trafficking after transporting drugs, even if they did not manufacture or transfer the substance. If you transport substances within the state, it could be a Texas criminal charge. But if the transportation was across state lines, charges could be federal. Federal drg charges are also possible when substances move across international borders, such as the one shared between the US and Mexico.

You may have also heard of an intent to distribute charge. This is not as serious as drug trafficking, but is connected to having large quantities of a substance. Penalties for charges depend on the situation. The type of drug will be considered, for example.

When the charge is federal, there could be large fines and extended prison sentences. There are teams when prison sentences last years and fines can extend in the millions. Manufacturing drug charges depend on the amount. For instance, more than one gram of heroin could be a second-degree felony while over four grams could lead to a first-degree felony.

Talk to an Attorney as Soon as Possible

Drug charges require knowledge of the law, this is true if you are facing drugs on a state or federal level. An experienced Houston criminal lawyer knows how to provide you and your case with a strong defense. When choosing a lawyer, be sure you ask about their experience with drug cases. You will want a legal team familiar with the complexities of Texas drug cases.

Connecting with a lawyer right away means you can have your case strengthened right away. The timeline of your case will depend on a variety of factors, including if the charge is a felony or not. For both misdemeanor and felony charges, investigations will take place. Then, it can be determined if a jury trial is necessary or if there is an opportunity for a second chance program.

Do you need a lawyer to help reduce a drug charge in the state of Texas? Our experienced legal team can defend you against criminal charges and explore non-disclosure options. We have the knowledge to protect you whether the alleged crime was minor or serious. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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