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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > DWI > Understanding How Long A DWI Stays On Your Record

Understanding How Long A DWI Stays On Your Record


Keeping your Texas record free of convictions makes your life easier and less expensive. After all, even one DWI conviction can lead to an array of frustrations, including tarnishing your reputation, impacting your professional opportunities, and inflating your auto insurance bills. These are effects above and beyond criminal penalties you may face as well.

After a drunk driving arrest, there are many aspects of the charge to consider. Connect with a Houston DWI lawyer to protect your rights and learn more about how long a Texas DWI stays on your record and how to move forward.

Conviction Will Not Disappear Over Time

In some states, a DWI conviction is removed from a person’s record after a set amount of time has passed. This is not true in the state of Texas. In Texas, a conviction stays on your record unless there is legal action that removes the information.

Paths to possibly clearing your record:

  • Dismissal of charges. If you were arrested but there was not enough proof to convict you, it may be possible for your lawyer to get the charges dismissed and no conviction will land on your record.
  • Deferred adjudication. For first-time offenders, deferred adjudication may be an option. In these circumstances, a judge will give you the option of pleading guilty or no contest and then completing certain requirements. Provided you complete those requirements, the charges will be dismissed.
  • While your record will not be automatically cleared after a set amount of time, expungement could be possible over time, depending on the details of your arrest. For example, you can’t have other charges connected to the same DWI event.
  • Arrest from your minor years. If you only have one drunk driving conviction on your record and you received it when you were underage, such as a Texas DUI arrest, you may be eligible for clearing it from your record once you are of legal adult age.

Because there are a range of factors to consider, how long a Texas DWI stays on your record will depend on your unique situation. If you feel like your back is against a wall following a DWI arrest, hire an attorney to explore your options.

Work with a Lawyer to Have DWI Charges Removed

While there are ways to get charges dismissed or convictions removed from your record, it can be a complex process. A talented Houston DWI lawyer will work to build a solid defense. You do not have to go through the criminal defense process on your own. Instead, hire a professional who understands the justice system and knows how to identify arrest issues or reduce penalties through the plea deal process.

Are you wondering how a DWI conviction on your record will impact our reputation and auto insurance rates? Connect with a skilled lawyer after a drunk driving arrest. The legal team at Ayson Law Firm can help you achieve the future you want by fighting to keep you out of jail and keep your criminal record clean. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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