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Illegal Traffic Stops And Other Errors


Beating a Texas DWI case isn’t always possible, but there are times when a lawyer can help you have charges dismissed following an arrest. It is common for individuals to be pulled over, arrested, and then believe there are no options. That their reputation and legal record is simply destroyed beyond repair. But this doesn’t have to be true for you and your family, a seasoned DWI attorney may be able to help you beat charges.

You want to take as many steps to protect your rights as possible. Connect with a Houston DWI lawyer if you or someone you care about was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DWI conviction can lead to loss of freedom, large financial fines, and license suspension. Having your charges dismissed may be a path for you, and if it isn’t an attorney can still help you as they can work to reduce consequences following a conviction.

Unlawful Searches and Inaccurate Tests

Prosecutors and police officers are professionals who take their jobs seriously. That said, they are human and there are times when mistakes are made. For example, when a lawyer assesses the details of your arrest, it may be possible to prove law enforcement didn’t have a right to stop you at all when you were pulled over and arrested for a DWI.

In order for a lawful search to have occurred, there had to have been evidence that led an officer to deduce you were doing something illegal or committing a violation. If you had no idea why you were stopped, and believe there was no cause for doing so, you may be protected under the fourth amendment, which shields Americans from illegal search and seizures.

There are also situations in which your lawyer can point to inaccurate tests to have your DWI charges dismissed. For instance, breathalyzer tests may not be calibrated correctly or blood samples may be poorly maintained, leading to inaccurate readings.

Official Records and Reasonable Doubt

Information collected in connection with an arrest can also assist in getting charges dismissed if there are errors, lacking important information, or false statements. When there are official records with provable errors, reasonable doubt may be a possibility.

As soon as you talk to a Houston DWI lawyer, they can get started on your case and share best practices with you. Through conversations you perceive as casual, you may say something to officials that could legally incriminate you. Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is a path to protecting yourself from any unintentional legal missteps.

Is it time for you to explore what options are available to you following a Texas DWI arrest? A skilled lawyer with experience successfully representing clients can help. DWI attorneys are up-to-date on legal strategies that could lead to your charges being dismissed or your penalties reduced. Share the details of your arrest with the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to protect your future, we will explore every legal angle to help you maintain your freedom. Contact us today to share your story, free consultations are available.

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