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Types Of Prescription Drugs That Can Impair Drivers


If you or someone you love is taking medication, it is important to understand some prescription drugs could result in a DWI. It is possible to be charged with a DWI in Texas when you have not been drinking alcohol but have been taking particular medications. Which makes sense, because some medications affect an individual’s ability to safely drive. The drugs can reduce driver reaction time and impact coordination, leading to real risks on public roads.

To learn more about which prescriptions can lead to a charge and what to do after a DWI arrest, connect with a Houston DWI lawyer. There are ways to fight back when you are charged with a DWI due to prescription drug use.

Prescription Medications that Can Lead to a DWI

With so many prescription and over-the-counter drugs available, it is important you understand the side effects of any medication you are taking. This means talking to your doctor or pharmacist about medications and driving. Also, carefully read labels.

Some of the medication categories that can interfere with an individual’s ability to safely drive:

  • Anxiety medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Drugs designed to reduce seizures
  • Pain relievers and muscle relaxants
  • Sleeping pills
  • Antihistamines and cold medications

It is important to note this is not a complete list and not every drug within these groups impairs an individual’s driving ability. The type of drug and how much is being taken needs to be assessed along with any other medications that may be consumed.

Be sure you understand the impact of any drug you are taking. Some side effects you might experience with medications include drowsiness, nausea, rapid heart rate, blurred vision, and confusion. Any or all of these could lead to real accident risks for you and others on the road.

Penalties for Prescription Drug DWIs

Every situation is unique so you should talk about the details of your case with a Houston DWI lawyer. But if you are wondering what could possibly be the legal penalty for driving under the influence of a prescription, it could be a misdemeanor charge. This leave of charge could lead to months of jail time, license suspension, fines, and a community service requirement. Of course, if there are other charges or the individual has previous DWIs on their record, the penalties could be more severe.

It can be difficult to prove that a person was under the influence of prescription drugs as traditional DWI detection tools, such as breathalyzers, cannot detect medications. Talking to a lawyer who has experience in DWI charges and criminal law can answer your questions about these types of charges.

Are you ready to learn more about your rights in Texas following a DWI charge? Our experienced legal team can defend you and explore your options. We have the knowledge to protect you whether you were charged with a DWI in connection to alcohol or prescription drug use. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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