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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > Is An Assault Charge The Same As A Battery Charge?

Is An Assault Charge The Same As A Battery Charge?


While it is common for people to be accused of assault and battery, there are differences between the two individual charges in many states. When an individual is threatened with injury, it is often referred to as assault, but when a person is actually physically harmed, it is often called battery. But there are specific distinctions to assault charges in the state of Texas.

In Texas, assault and battery charges are serious, do not take the situation lightly. You need a seasoned defense lawyer on your side, talk to a Houston criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of Assault Charges In Texas

In Texas, assault charges could be what would be called battery in another state. Because of this, the word assault can refer to a range of offenses. Texas assaults are assigned a category, charges are either a simple assault charge or an aggravated assault charge.

  • Simple assault. This charge could occur if a person was threatened but there was no physical harm that is lasting in nature. Because of this distinction, a simple assault charge is possible even if there was no physical contact.
  • Aggravated assault. When serious injuries are sustained, an aggravated assault charge is possible. This could be an act that was intentional or reckless behavior.

Naturally, there are additional distinctions as well. Such as family violence, sexual assault, or an assault on a public servant, all which could lead to escalated charges.

Defense Paths Following an Assault Charge

It is not always easy to beat an assault arrest, even if you were charged as a first time offender. Once you hire a defense attorney, they can look over the details of your case and determine the best strategy moving forward. Some tactics that have been successful in the past include self-defense, defense of property, and no evidence of intent to do harm.

Assault cases in Texas can be complicated, it is in your best interest to connect with a compassionate and aggressive lawyer if you or someone you love has been arrested. Life-altering penalties and loss of reputation is possible.

Convictions can result in long prison times, large fines, and loss of respect in your community. Don’t delay, talk to a Houston criminal lawyer so that you can pave a road to the best outcome given the specifics of your case. More options could be available to you should you choose to hire an attorney right after an arrest. Waiting to bring your case to a defense attorney could mean your choices will dwindle. Reach out today.

Do you need the expertise of an aggressive defense attorney? Assault charges are serious, penalties can be life altering. To protect yourself and your future, connect with a qualified Texas attorney. The talented legal team at Ayson Law Firm will assess your case and strategize a path forward. Our experienced legal team will share all of your legal options with you, and inform you of what is happening throughout the defense process. Contact us for a free consultation.

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