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Different Types Of TX Probation


In the field of criminal law, the term probation is used to describe a court ordered period of time that an individual is supervised. While you may be interested in receiving a plea agreement, forgoing jail time, and receiving probation instead, it is important to know that not all options are the same. Probations could mean regular probations, suspended sentences, deferred adjudications, or community sentences, for example.

If you are wondering what options you have to avoid incarceration after being charged with a crime in Texas, speak with an experienced Houston criminal lawyer. Probation may be one of the options available for you. To access as many possibilities as you are able, connect with a skilled attorney as early as you can, ideally immediately following your arrest.

Straight Probation and Deferred Adjudication

Whether you hear it called regular probation or straight probation, this form of probation refers to a sentence in jail being suspended for a period of time. So, assuming you follow the terms of your probation for that period of time you will not go to jail. The range of time varies, a straight probation could last for 10 years or a handful of years, depending on the crime and other factors.

Another type of probation that could come from a judge is deferred adjudication. This form of probation is connected to an open plea or a plea agreement. If you successfully complete the terms of your deferred adjudication probation terms, the case will be dismissed. Because it then means you will not have a conviction for the offense on your record, this can be a desirable outcome.

Fully understanding the probation being offered is essential as which one you complete can have a long-term impact on your life. For instance, a straight or regular probation typically means a conviction will stay on your record. This can impact your ability to vote, serve on juries, and purchase a firearm in the future, at a time when your crime may feel like a long ago event to you.

Connect with a Texas Criminal Attorney

A Houston criminal lawyer can inform you of all the different types of probation and let you know which one could be a match for your situation. Additionally, a lawyer can share with you probationary terms and inform you of what would likely happen should you violate the conditions. And if you have been accused of violating your Texas probation, they may be able to help you with that issue as well.

Have you been arrested for a crime and wonder if you will be able to serve probation rather than spend time in jail? As soon as you can, connect with a qualified Texas attorney to assess your case and strategize a path forward. Straight probation or deferred adjudication may be possible, reach out to the talented legal team at Ayson Law Firm to learn more. Our experienced legal team will assess all of your legal options. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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