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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > DWI > Why You Shouldn’t Fight A Texas DWI On Your Own

Why You Shouldn’t Fight A Texas DWI On Your Own


If you or someone you care about is considering fighting a recent DWI without legal representation, be sure you understand the pitfalls of this choice before moving forward. There are many moving parts to a successful defense. Experienced attorneys can recognize small details that could lead to charges being cleared.

It is a misconception that a court of law will help you through the process if you choose to defend yourself. There will be an expectation that you know what is happening and how to fight the charges. It is in your best interests to connect with a Houston DWI lawyer as they have the experience you need. Your freedom could be at stake.

Representing Yourself Can Result in Fines or Jail Time

When a person chooses to represent themselves after a DWI charge, they could end up convicted. Once the decision is made, your sentencing will not be more lenient simply because you represented yourself. It is possible your license will be suspended, you will be fined a large amount, and have to spend time in jail.

As if that weren’t enough to manage, convictions can follow individuals after fines have been paid and time has been served. Background checks done by a potential employer or landlord could bring your conviction to light again, decreasing your chances of securing the job you want or the place you want to live in.

Too often, a person chooses not to hire a lawyer because they are worried about the cost. But the costs of not connecting with a legal professional can be high. Talk to an attorney to understand what the options are given your situation. The cost of a lawyer may not be prohibitive when you have a full picture of what is at stake and if the lawyer chooses to bill hourly or at a flat rate.

Invest in Your Future

Rather than thinking about the bill of working with a Houston DWI lawyer, consider what is at stake if you fail to bring in the expertise of a seasoned attorney. The amount you pay a lawyer is an investment. Without their skill, you may be forfeiting your freedom and future. Working with a professional who has a history of winning DWI cases could mean you will be able to put a Texas DWI arrest in your rearview mirror.

There are many details to DWI defense law, representing yourself can be problematic if you do not have knowledge of Texas law. Your case deserves the attention of a detailed professional.

Are you interested in getting a full view of the benefits of legal representation following a DWI charge? Our experienced legal team can defend you and explore your options. We have the knowledge to protect you whether you were charged with a DWI in connection to alcohol or prescription drug use. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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