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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > DWI > What Do I Need To Know About A Second DWI?

What Do I Need To Know About A Second DWI?


If you were arrested for a DWI in Texas and you’ve been charged with a DWI before, you may be wondering what the penalties will be for your second DWI. Because you have been involved with the Texas legal system, you likely know that DWIs are taken seriously and consequences can be severe.

Penalties for first DWIs are different from those for subsequent convictions. In many cases you can seal a first DWI, for instance. While that is not possible after a second DWI conviction, you may still have more options than you realize. Connecting with a legal professional as soon as possible is necessary to protect yourself. Call a Houston DWI lawyer without delay.

Fines, Jail Time, and Secondary Punishments

Under the classification of a Class A misdemeanor, a second DWI in Texas is not a felony, but a third DWI is. Even as a misdemeanor, there are stronger penalties for a second DWI than you would receive if it was your first offense. For example, fines are doubled and there is mandatory jail time. A person convicted of the offense would have to spend at least three days in jail, and up to a year of jail time is possible.

Secondary punishments, including any of the following, are also possible:

  • Participation in alcohol education classes
  • Installing an interlock device on your vehicle
  • Drivers license suspension

Additionally, if you are convicted of a second DWI in Texas, you do not have the option to have your record sealed as individuals convinced of a first DWI can. This means the convocation is permanent, which can impact your life for many years following the event.

Hire a Defense Attorney Right Away

Consulting with an experienced DWI lawyer means you can start strategizing your defense as soon as possible. This means calling a lawyer from jail or in the hours or days after you are released. Your attorney may recognize that there was an issue with how a sobriety test was administered. Or maybe law enforcement officials committed errors during the course of your arrest. Charges have been reduced or eliminated for a range of reasons, a legal professional can advise you on if any of these paths is appropriate given the details of your situation.

Someone may tell you there are no options if you are facing a second DWI in Texas, but do not assume that is the truth. Seasoned Houston DWI lawyers have worked on many, many cases and recognize paths to call your arrest into question if the circumstances of your arrest are not legally solid.

Are you wondering if it is possible for you to avoid a second DWI conviction following an arrest? Connect with a skilled attorney and explore your options. Lawyers who have experience with drunk driving offenses can inform you of what is possible after they hear the details of your case. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to defend you and protect your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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