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TX College Student Arrests


There are many higher education institutions in and around Houston, including University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Rice University, and Remington College. People attend these institutions to gain future opportunities, but when a student is arrested, criminal penalties and educational effects can follow. Student arrests can be complicated, having a legal professional begin building your defense as soon as possible is advised.

A seasoned Houston criminal lawyer who has worked on college cases before knows how to explore resolution options. Hiring an attorney means a professional will carefully look over the details of the arrest and determine if having charges dismissed is possible. If not, a plea deal could be explored. In some cases, your attorney can even support your defense at a college review panel, which could mean the difference between continuing your education or leaving school.

Assess Case Before Agreeing to Pre-Trial Agreements

When first-time offenders, including college students, are offered a resolution such as a pre-trial diversion, they are often quick to agree to the terms because they simply want the whole situation behind them. A diversion program could involve going to counseling, paying fines, and enrolling in community service in exchange for having charges against you dismissed.

There are situations when diversion agreements are the best option, but when a lawyer reviews your case they may discover another path to dismissal, one that could resolve the charges faster. One of the many ways a legal professional can help you is through giving you more options. Some cases can be dismissed without having to enroll in programs that take months to complete, for instance.

Common TX College Student Charges

Of course, college students, like anyone else, can be involved in a range of criminal behaviors. But there are charges that are far more common for those attending university.

  • Underage drinking
  • Driving when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Possession of illegal substances
  • Resisting an officer
  • Using fake identification

You need to connect with the best outcome given your situation. An arrest can haunt you if a conviction remains on your record and comes up in future background checks.

An arrest can sidetrack your education, deny you internship or study abroad opportunities, and come with serious criminal consequences. Talk to a Houston criminal lawyer about your unique situation. A skilled attorney who has extensive Texas law experience will guide you through the judicial process.

Are you a college student who has recently been arrested? Or are you the parent of a university student who is unsure what to do now that your son or daughter is facing criminal charges? Talk to a skilled lawyer about what to do next, do not agree to resolution terms if you do not understand them or believe another path forward could be possible. Dismissals or plea deals may be an option, connect with the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to learn more.  Our lawyers will build the optimal defense strategy whether a college student is facing minor or severe charges. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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