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The Legal Amount Of THC In CBD Products


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical compound that is present in marijuana. Many people use CBD products to relax and reduce anxiety. This is different from individuals who use marijuana to get high. In many instances, CBD is safe. It is legal in Texas provided the THC level is low. THC is the compound in cannabis that leads to individuals feeling a high sensation.

While many find CBD to be a non-psychoactive alternative, there are things to keep in mind as not all CBD is the same. If you failed a drug test and were arrested for driving under the influence, connect with a legal professional to protect your rights. A false positive due to CBD could be part of your case, talk to a Houston DWI lawyer to learn more.

Different Types of CBD

There are different types of CBD, not all products are the same. Some of the terms you may see include full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD.

  • Full-spectrum CBD has some of each cannabis compound but the amount of THC needs to be under 0.3 to be legal in the state of Texas. Because it contains a scope of compounds, it can lead to stronger effects.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD is like full-spectrum in many ways as it contains many cannabis compounds but it does not contain THC
  • Isolate CBD is the purest form, it is free of other cannabis compounds.

It is unlikely to fail a drug test due to CBD but not impossible. For example, if you are ingesting CBD products that contain THC, the compound could build up in your body over time. This could lead to the compound showing up on a test. This can be further complicated because it is rare for lab tests to distinguish levels of THC, often the result is simply negative or positive.

Defending Yourself After a Failed Drug Test

There are a lot of nuances when it comes to drug tests. Even if you fail a test, there may be a way to defend yourself against a DWI charge. Pushing back against a charge through pointing to inaccurate test results can be challenging and complex. You need a skilled defense lawyer on your side.

A Houston DWI lawyer has experience getting charges dismissed. Law enforcement officers who were at the arrest scene may not have understood the differences between legal and illegal CBD. Edible CBD products cited at evidence may have had a low THC level, one under the Texas THC limit. Of course, how much was ingested or what a serving size is could be part of the negotiation process.

Do you need help understanding your options after being charged in the state of Texas? Our experienced legal team can defend you against criminal charges and explore treatment and rehabilitation options. We have the knowledge to protect you whether the alleged crime was minor or serious. Reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm to understand your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston criminal defense attorney today.

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