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San Antonio Grapples With E-Scooter Safety Issues

After the high-profile death of an Austin e-scooter rider in early 2019, leaders in San Antonio are trying to figure out ways to increase helmet compliance. Although nothing has been formally proposed, some lawmakers have expressed interest in making it mandatory for e-scooter riders to wear helmets.

San Antonio’s police say cyclists are far more likely to wear helmets than e-scooter riders. Current estimates suggest roughly 3 percent of San Antonio’s e-scooter users always wear a helmet.

In response to this data, councilmembers on the Center City Development and Operations committee agreed to work closely with e-scooter companies on this issue. Few councilmembers, however, went so far as to suggest making helmets mandatory for e-scooter riders as scooter riders are getting injured and some attorneys are targeting the crashes.

Safety experts at e-scooter giant Bird have suggested in the past creating a rewards program for people who consistently wear helmets. Although Bird has yet to release more info on this project, many San Antonio lawmakers believe this might be the best way to move forward.

From late September of 2018 till April of 2019, San Antonio has allowed seven e-scooter companies to operate on its streets. Within that time, roughly 6,700 e-scooters have been used for about 2 million rides.

Under current Texas law, e-scooter riders aren’t required to wear helmets. Motorcyclists over the age of 21 also aren’t required to wear helmets provided they have an appropriate health insurance plan. Some states, such as California, are removing the requirement to wear helmets while scooting.

Ayson Law Firm: A Helping Hand In Houston

Although Houston has yet to allow e-scooters on its streets, alternative modes of transportation are becoming increasingly common all across the USA. As Houston becomes more accepting of new vehicles, however, accidents are bound to happen.

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