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Balance Tests For Impaired Drivers


It is common to be stressed when you are pulled over in Texas, and your worries may be further elevated if you consumed a drink with alcohol in it before you began your journey. If you were becoming more anxious as you saw a Houston area law enforcement professional walking toward your car window, you may have weighed the pros and cons of participating in a field sobriety test, such as a balance test, if asked.

Charges for driving while intoxicated can carry heavy penalties, particularly if it is not your first offense. If you were arrested for a DWI after losing your balance during a walk-and-turn test or a one-leg stand request, connect with a Houston DWI lawyer as soon as you can. You need a skilled DWI attorney working on your Texas case. Because experienced attorneys have worked on many different types of DWI cases, they will recognize possible paths to reduced penalties or charge reduction.

Heel-to-Toe Walks and Standing On One Leg

One of the balance tests that is frequently part of field sobriety tests is walking heel to toe. After being pulled over and exiting your vehicle at the request of the police officer, they could ask you to perform this walk-and-turn test. Essentially, the request will be walking heel to toe in a straight line for a specific number of steps. Once that set number is reached, you need to turn around on one foot and return to your starting point in the same fashion. If you fall down when attempting to turn or are using your arms extensively for balance, it will be noted by the police as a possible sign of intoxication.

Similarly, a Texas police officer could ask you to lift one foot, so you are balancing on the other. With the lifted foot six inches or so above the ground, police will be nothing if you are able to retain your balance without a lot of swaying. Any stumble or inability to keep the one foot raised could be used against you as proof of being under the influence.

Losing Balance Because of Another Issue

The reality is people lose their balance for many reasons beyond intoxication. Some people are unable to balance due to the stress of the situation while others have a health issue that interferes with their ability to hold their balance on one leg. Share the details of your situation with a Houston DWI lawyer so they can build an optimal defense given your circumstances.

Are you facing a DWI charge because you did not perform well when you were asked to complete field sobriety tests after being pulled over? You need a Texas legal expert to review the details of your case. An attorney with extensive experience DWI knowledge on your side. To get your defense strategy started, talk to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm. Our attorneys will compassionately listen to your situation and aggressively defend your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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