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Avoid DWI Incidents With Responsible Drinking


Unwinding and socializing with friends and family is part of life. While this is normal, it is important to recognize that if an event includes alcohol consumption the merriment can quickly turn into a nightmare if responsible drinking practices are not observed. There are serious consequences for driving under the influence (DWI) in Houston and the surrounding areas.

There are valuable tips you can follow to enjoy your time responsibly. And if you or someone you care about is involved in a DWI incident, talk to a Houston DWI lawyer as soon as possible.

Plan for Travel in Advance and Be Cautious

First and foremost, you need to plan ahead. Before heading out for a night on the town, ensure you have a designated driver, look into public transportation, or have the number of a reliable rideshare service saved in your phone. Taking these simple steps before you even leave your home can help prevent you from making a potentially life-altering mistake.

Plus, if you do drink alcohol, consider alternating an alcoholic drink with a non alcoholic beverage, and keep in mind that the effects of alcohol can vary from person to person. Drinking the same amount as another person at a party may impact you in a different way. It’s essential to know your limits and drink responsibly, overindulgence can jeopardize your safety.

Houston’s social scene is lively, especially during holidays and special events, but with the celebrations there is typically an elevated risk for DWI incidents. The festive atmosphere may tempt individuals to consume more alcohol than intended. Plan your transportation in advance and stick to your limit, even when the celebration is in full swing.

Act Responsibly After an Arrest

Despite a person’s best efforts, mistakes can happen. If you find yourself facing a DWI arrest, it’s essential to act responsibly in the aftermath. The first step is to remain calm and cooperate with law enforcement. Refrain from making statements that could be used against you later and remember your right to remain silent.

Talking to a Houston criminal lawyer experienced in handling such cases is part of protecting your rights. A knowledgeable Houston DWI lawyer can guide you through the legal process, explain your rights to you, and work toward a favorable resolution.

Responsible drinking is a personal choice but it is also a commitment to the safety of others on Houston’s roads. By having the contact information for a reliable rideshare service, a taxi, or a friend who can drive you home readily available, you can enjoy your time out while minimizing the risk of DWI incidents.

Do you need legal support because you are facing a DWI charge? Ideally informed decisions will allow everyone to travel to and from events without incident. If a legal complication does arise, be sure to contact a skilled legal team. Swift action and legal guidance from the attorneys at Ayson Law Firm can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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