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3 Reasons To Hire A Texas DWI Attorney


While you don’t have to hire a lawyer after a DWI arrest there are advantages to doing so. If you choose to represent yourself, you may be putting yourself at risk. You could receive high fines or lose your freedom. Even if you know someone who did not receive extensive penalties, do not assume this will be true for you, each situation is unique and needs to be assessed individually.

Below are three reasons why it is beneficial to hire a Texas attorney. And in reality, there are many more. While there are a few rare cases in which legal representation is not required, talking to an attorney is a path to strengthen your case and protect your rights. Bring your questions and concerns to a Houston DWI lawyer. Then, you can determine the best path forward for you.

#1 Your Attorney Understand the Process

Too often individuals believe a court will not punish them severely because they don’t think what they did was that bad. The law has fixed rules and experienced lawyers understand the process. Defending yourself because you feel you should not be punished is not enough, you need to understand the process and know what options are available to you given the details of the arrest.

#2 Going Without a Lawyer Can Cost you

Sometimes opting to represent yourself is, as the saying goes, pennywise and pound foolish. If you choose not to hire a lawyer because you don’t want to spend the money, you could find yourself facing high expenses in the form of penalties. If you are convicted of a DWI, you could be facing thousands of dollars in DWI fines and suffer from hidden costs as well.

Cloaked DWI expenses include losing your professional license and therefore your income or having the conviction impact your divorce and child custody agreement.

#3  You Could Go to Jail

First-time offenders don’t typically face jail time, but it is possible. Particularly if you had a very elevated blood alcohol level and there were other aggravating factors of the arrest. If the arrest was not your first offense, jail time is more likely.

When you hire an attorney, you may be able to keep the arrest off your record. If it is your first charge, a dismissal could be in your future. And if that is not possible, your Houston DWI lawyer will fight to have penalties reduced. Legal professionals with extensive knowledge of drunk driving cases understand how to beat a DWI charge.

Is it possible to keep a clean record after a DWI arrest? The answer is it may be if you connect with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after your drunk driving arrest. The legal team at Ayson Law Firm is well-versed in Texas law and will fight to protect your rights. Our lawyers can help you achieve the future you want, one that keeps you out of jail or maintains your clear criminal record. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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