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Monthly Archives: September 2023


What To Do After A Methamphetamine Arrest

By Ayson Law Firm |

Facing a Texas methamphetamine arrest means you are confronted with serious legal implications. If you or someone you care about is in this challenging situation, it’s essential to know how to navigate it as wisely as possible. One of the first things you should do is connect with an experienced Houston criminal lawyer. Request… Read More »

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Who Is Eligible For Expungement And When

By Ayson Law Firm |

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Texas and now find yourself thinking about how your criminal record could haunt you for years to come, you may want to explore expungement. Also known as expunction, expungement is a legal process that allows eligible individuals to clear their criminal records. Not everyone is eligible… Read More »

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Legal Support After Experiencing Domestic Violence

By Ayson Law Firm |

Deeply distressing, domestic violence is an all-too-common issue that affects countless individuals and families across the country, including in the state of Texas. When survivors seek legal support, they can connect with safety, protection, and empowerment. After a TX domestic violence event, a compassionate and experienced Houston criminal lawyer can play a pivotal role… Read More »

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What Is The Difference Between First Degree And Second Degree Burglary?

By Ayson Law Firm |

In Texas, burglary charges are classified into different degrees. Each degree carries distinct legal consequences while the overarching category of burglary refers to unauthorized entry into a structure with the intent to commit a crime. When facing burglary charges, it is important to understand the difference between first degree and second degree burglary as… Read More »

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