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Harris County Domestic Violence Lawyer

It is a common misconception that domestic violence charges are easily dropped. Many people think that if the alleged victim drops the charges, the person they were filed against will walk free. Unfortunately, that is not true. If police are called to the scene, they will likely make an arrest and you will then have to fight the charges against you. If you have been charged, a Harris County domestic violence lawyer can prepare a defense that will give you the best chance of retaining your freedom.

Our Harris County Domestic Violence Lawyer Explains the Offense

Texas law does not actually include a statute for domestic violence. Instead, domestic violence charges often fall under Title 5, Chapter 22 of the Texas Penal Code. One of the definitions covered under this section of law defines assault as:

  • Knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causing bodily injury to another, including the defendant’s spouse, or
  • Intentionally or knowingly threatening another person with imminent bodily injury, including the defendant’s spouse

The Texas Family Code also refers to “family violence” and defines this offense as:

  • An act by a family or household member against another family or household member that is meant to cause physical harm, bodily injury, sexual assault, or a threat that places a family or household member in threat of such harm,
  • Abuse, as defined in the Family Code, or
  • Dating violence

Many people think domestic violence only occurs between married spouses, or people in a romantic relationship, but that is not true. A domestic violence charge may arise when an act is committed against a member of the defendant’s household, the child of a current or former spouse, and any person that is a family member by marriage, blood, or adoption.

Our Harris County Domestic Violence Lawyer Defends Against All Charges

There are three main types of domestic charges a person may face in Harris County. They are as follows:

  • Domestic assault: When a defendant does not have any prior convictions, they will face class A misdemeanor charges.
  • Aggravated domestic assault: In most cases, aggravated domestic assault is classified as a second-degree felony. The charges are upgraded to a first-degree felony if the act included the use of a deadly weapon or caused serious bodily injury.
  • Continuous violence against the family: A person may face this charge if they are convicted of two domestic assaults within twelve months of each other. The assaults do not have to include the same victims, and they did not have to result in an arrest or conviction to apply.

Regardless of the type of charges you are facing, it is important to work with a criminal defense lawyer that can help you beat them.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyer in Harris County Can Prepare Your Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, you need to speak to a Harris County domestic violence lawyer. At Ayson Law Firm, we will prepare a solid defense for your case and can also help get any restraining order against you lifted. Call us today at 832-209-2297 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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