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Houston DWI Lawyer > Harris County Blood Tests Lawyer

Harris County Blood Tests Lawyer

Like in most states within the country, in Texas it is against the law to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater. If a police officer suspects a motorist of driving while intoxicated (DWI), they will pull you over and start to try and collect evidence against you.

One type of evidence common in DWI cases is a blood test result. You are required under the law to submit to this test, but that does not mean you cannot refuse. Even if you have submitted to a blood test and failed, you can still challenge the results. Our Harris County blood tests lawyer can help you do it.

Our Harris County Blood Tests Lawyer Explains the Legality of These Tests

Unlike field sobriety tests, the implied consent laws of the state do require you to take a chemical test, such as a blood test, when law enforcement asks you to do so. You can refuse, but your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for a period of time based on the refusal. Still, sometimes it is better to refuse these tests if they will provide evidence that will be used against you. You can also request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing to have your driving privileges reinstated.

Before a police officer asks you to submit to a blood test, they will likely ask for a breath test. This is often done roadside, using a breathalyzer machine. At this point, the officer may take you into the station for a blood test. Prior to the test, you should ask to take a breath test again. In most cases, law enforcement must comply with this request and sometimes, a breath test result is better for a case.

Our Harris County Blood Tests Lawyer Explains Why Breath Tests are Better

Breath tests only detect alcohol on the breath, which is one reason they are sometimes preferred over blood tests. If you have illegal, prescription, or even over-the-counter drugs in your system, a blood test will detect this and the prosecution will likely use it against you.

If you were not given a blood test until you refused a breath test, the prosecution will also use your first admission as evidence of your guilt. Once the blood test is taken, two vials are usually drawn. One is for the prosecution and one is for your Harris County blood tests lawyer. This makes challenging the results more difficult than a single breath test, as blood tests usually are more accurate. Lastly, if your case goes to trial, it is more challenging to convince a jury of inaccurate blood test results than it is of inaccurate breath test results.

Our Blood Tests Lawyer in Harris County Can Get Started on Your Case Today

If you have failed a blood test, or have faced consequences for refusing one, our Harris County blood tests lawyer at Ayson Law Firm can prepare the defense you need. Call us today at 832-209-2297 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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