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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > How Will A TX Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

How Will A TX Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?


Every American has the right to an attorney if they have been charged with a crime, this protection is granted in the U.S. Constitution. While you do have a right to represent yourself, it is in your best interests to connect with a talented, experienced Houston criminal lawyer after a Texas arrest. A skilled attorney can shield you should anyone involved in the justice system attempt to deny or violate your rights, share with you what defense strategies are possible, and investigate paths to having charges dropped or dismissed.

Gathering Evidence and Investigating Claims

Once you connect with a lawyer you trust, they will begin to gather the documentation needed to support your defense. Part of this could be the collection of witness statements. If you were to choose to represent yourself, it would likely be very difficult to obtain witness accounts. After all, people often do not want to discuss an event with a person accused of a criminal activity. But attorneys know how to talk to witnesses, and could even employ a third party, such as a private investigator, to collect all of the evidence needed to defend their clients.

Additionally, attorneys carefully take time to read over statutes to determine if there is a path to having charges dismissed or dropped. For instance, if they discover language in a statute that undercuts the charges you are facing, they could bring it to a prosecutor and argue that the charges will not lead to a conviction. Then, if the prosecutor refuses to act, your attorney could take their argument to a TX court and file a dismissal motion.

Admitting Guilt and Plea Deals

If having charges dropped or dismissed is not possible, there are some situations in which it is in a person’s best interests to secure a reduced punishment in exchange for pleading guilty. But before doing so, you need to understand the consequences of a criminal conviction, today and into the future. Your attorney will negotiate plea deal terms that are the most advantageous as they can be for you and inform you of how admitting guilt now could bubble up later as well.

Laws change, you need a legal professional who is up to date with current criminal defense practices. A Houston criminal lawyer will review all the evidence that led to your arrest, carefully listen to your side of the story, and fight for your rights while building your defense.

Are you in need of an attorney following a TX arrest? You need a criminal defense attorney that will aggressively fight for your rights. Discuss the unique factors of your case with a qualified Texas attorney as soon as possible. Hiring the talented legal team at Ayson Law Firm early in the process could mean more options, get started today to protect your future. Which defense strategies are employed will depend on the specifics of your arrest and if you have a past arrest record or not. Contact us for a free consultation.

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