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Houston DWI Lawyer > Harris County Sex Offense Lawyer

Harris County Sex Offense Lawyer

Sex offense cases often involve issues surrounding consent, which makes it incredibly important for you to work with a Harris County sex offenses lawyer if you have been charged. A lawyer will explain your rights in this situation, and how you can protect them, such as remaining silent even when you are confident about your innocence. A lawyer will also give you the best chance of beating the charges and help you avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction, such as registering on the sex offender registry.

Our Harris County Sex Offense Lawyer Defends Against Many Crimes

Texas law outlines a number different types of sex offenses, and they are all taken very seriously. Our skilled attorney has experience handling all types of sex offenses, including:

  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Super aggravated sexual assault
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Exposure to a child
  • Indecent touching of a child
  • Indecency with a child
  • Indecent exposure
  • Improper relationships
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Public lewdness
  • Sexual assault
  • Prostitution

A conviction for any of the above offenses may result in a sex offender registry requirement. This is one of the most serious consequences, and could negatively impact you for years to come.

Our Harris County Sex Offender Lawyer Explains the Registry

Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure outlines the Sex Offender Registration Program. The law also states that any time a person is convicted or adjudicated for a sex crime, they are required to register as a sex offender. The length of time a person must remain on the registry will depend on the specific offense they are convicted of, as well as their assigned risk level. The risk levels in Texas are as follows:

  • Level One: The person does not pose a great danger to the community and is not likely to engage in sexual misconduct.
  • Level Two: The person poses a moderate danger to the community and there is a possibility they will engage in sexual misconduct.
  • Level Three: The person poses a significant threat to the community and is likely to engage in sexual misconduct.

Adults that must register as a sex offender typically must remain on the registry for ten years to life. The registry is public information, meaning that anyone can look people up on the registry and find their status. A conviction will also result in a permanent criminal record that will also follow a person around for their entire life and make it difficult to obtain employment, housing, and other opportunities. To avoid these consequences, a solid defense in any sex offense case is critical.

Our Sex Offense Lawyer in Harris County Can Protect Your Rights

Sex offenses are punished very harshly in Texas, and a conviction will impact you for many years to come. At Ayson Law Firm, our Harris County sex offense lawyer will ensure your rights are protected, and build a solid defense to give you the best chance of beating the charges. Call us today at 832-209-2297 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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