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Common White Collar Crimes In Houston


When a criminal offense is called a white collar crime, it is typically a non-violent criminal act committed by individuals within a professional environment. Even though these crimes are free of physical harm, the financial impact on individuals and communities can be devastating. As a result, if you are convicted of a white collar crime, you’ll be facing many consequences,  including substantial fines, imprisonment, and reputation damage.

A vibrant and bustling city, Houston is home to many thriving businesses, and while the majority of professionals are working ethically, white collar crimes can and do occur. Consult with a seasoned Houston criminal lawyer if you have questions about what constitutes a white collar crime or believe you are being suspected of a white collar offense.

Defining White Collar Crimes and Recognizing Common Offense

Just as there are a wide range of crimes that occur in public spaces, there are many types of white collar crimes. Generally, these offenses encompass a lot of fraudulent activities that individuals commit in commercial or professional contexts. Often motivated by personal gain and financial greed, white collar crimes involve deceit, manipulation, or abuse of power.

Because Houston is a major economic hub, it is susceptible to various white collar crimes including the following common offenses.

  • A broad category of deceit, fraud is when a person engages in criminal deception against individuals, businesses, or the government in order to receive financial or personal gain. Securities fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, and identity theft are actions that could lead to fraud charges.
  • When a person is trusted with funds as part of their employment and they misappropriate those funds for personal use, they can be charged with embezzlement.
  • Money laundering. Criminals who have illegally obtained funds sometimes attempt to shield the fact the funds are illegal by moving the money through a series of complex financial transitions. This process of money laundering is done to try to make unlawfully gained money appear legitimate.
  • Insider trading. If someone has access to non-public information and uses that information for financial gain on a securities trade, they can face insider trading charges. This is illegal because insider trading can lead to financial losses for innocent investors and huge financial gains for individuals who were participating in the illegal act.

Also, it is important to note that it is possible for a Texan to be suspect or charged with more than one white collar offense.

Consulting an Attorney Before Being Charged

Seeking counsel through a conversation with a Houston criminal lawyer is crucial, even if you have not been formally charged with a white collar crime but suspect you might be under investigation. Speaking with an attorney allows you to understand your rights, navigate potential legal pitfalls, and take proactive measures.

Do you find yourself facing allegations of a white collar crime? If so, consulting a skilled criminal attorney is imperative. To begin the process of shielding your reputation from a criminal conviction, connect with the legal team at Ayson Law Firm. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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