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Houston DWI Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > 5 Reasons To Hire A Texas Criminal Attorney After An Arson Arrest

5 Reasons To Hire A Texas Criminal Attorney After An Arson Arrest


If you or someone you love has been arrested for committing arson in Texas, it is essential to have a qualified criminal lawyer on your side. There are severe consequences for individuals convicted of arson, penalties can be life-altering.

Seasoned Houston criminal lawyers are familiar with the laws, statutes, and procedures surrounding criminal cases in Texas, they can best advise you of what options are available to build the best possible defense once they have reviewed the details of your arrest.

Protect Yourself with a Call to an Attorney Without Delay

Because arson is a felony offense in the state of Texas, harsh penalties are possible and you need to reach out to an experienced attorney swiftly. Years of imprisonment, significant monetary fines, and restitution payments follow convictions. Additionally, you may have to register as an arsonist with law enforcement, which can complicate your life in other future matters as well.

Why you should connect with a Texas criminal lawyer when facing an arson charge:

  • A Texas criminal lawyer has working knowledge of all Texas laws and regulations related to arson.
  • They will carefully and compassionately listen to your story and then provide you with an objective and unbiased assessment of the case.
  • Experienced criminal lawyers can provide you with legal advice and guidance throughout the process, whether that includes exploring a dismissal of charges or negotiating a plea deal.
  • They know the local prosecutors and judges, and can use this knowledge to negotiate the best outcome possible for your case.
  • A Texas criminal lawyer can analyze all of the evidence gathered and challenge any weaknesses or inconsistencies.

How your defense will be crafted will depend on the details of your case. For instance, it may be possible to gather information that illustrates the fire or explosion happened unintentionally. Or maybe there is a path to securing an alibi, an individual who will provide a recorded deposition or appear in court to testify, stating you were with them at a separate location when the fire ignited.

Texas Prosecution Teams and Arson Cases

Prosecution teams take arson cases seriously and will aggressively pursue offenders. It is essential you take any suggestion or accusation that you have been involved in an arson seriously as well. Talk to a Houston criminal lawyer about next steps. Defense strategies and approaches will differ if the fire was solely a property crime or if there was the potential for human injury as well. When it is possible for a person to be injured or harmed, the penalties are typically enhanced.

Do you believe you will soon be charged with arson? Whether you are suspected of an offense or you have already been arrested, a dedicated Texas defense lawyer can help. Call a skilled attorney to talk through your options, reach out to the legal team at Ayson Law Firm. After our attorneys understand the evidence that has been gathered and have listened to your side of the story, defense strategies can be explored. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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