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Monthly Archives: February 2023


Your Commercial Driver’s License And A DWI

By Ayson Law Firm |

People who drive for a living, including individuals who work as bus drivers or operate semis, are often required to have a Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL). And with a CDL comes responsibilities to drive safely and avoid all possibilities of accidents and injuries, if possible. Driving under the influence is a clear violation of… Read More »

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What If I’ve Been Arrested And Can’t Afford A Lawyer?

By Ayson Law Firm |

If you are unable to afford a lawyer and you are charged with a criminal offense in the state of Texas, you may be assigned a court-appointed lawyer. People without resources are deemed indigent, meaning they can’t afford an attorney, and they qualify for public defense so their rights can be protected. But it… Read More »

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Texas Fentanyl Cases

By Ayson Law Firm |

In Houston and around the country, an opioid epidemic is taking lives and destroying families. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is part of this dangerous crisis. Originally designed for medical use, to help individuals cope with chronic pain, the drug is now also a lethal street drug. Even with medical use, fentanyl, which is reported… Read More »

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5 Reasons To Hire A Texas Criminal Attorney After An Arson Arrest

By Ayson Law Firm |

If you or someone you love has been arrested for committing arson in Texas, it is essential to have a qualified criminal lawyer on your side. There are severe consequences for individuals convicted of arson, penalties can be life-altering. Seasoned Houston criminal lawyers are familiar with the laws, statutes, and procedures surrounding criminal cases… Read More »

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