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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Differences Between Over-The-Counter And Prescription Drugs

By Ayson Law Firm |

When people think of drugs, they may think of two types, drugs that are legal and those that are illegal. But even within the scope of legal drugs there are qualifications. For example, there are prescription drugs and those that are able to be purchased over-the-counter. A variety of drugs impact a person’s ability… Read More »

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Types Of Prescription Drugs That Can Impair Drivers

By Ayson Law Firm |

If you or someone you love is taking medication, it is important to understand some prescription drugs could result in a DWI. It is possible to be charged with a DWI in Texas when you have not been drinking alcohol but have been taking particular medications. Which makes sense, because some medications affect an… Read More »

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Drug Trafficking Charges In The State Of Texas

By Ayson Law Firm |

Drug trafficking charges are extremely serious as they involve manufacturing, delivering, or transporting drugs. This means the activity could be putting others at risk. Drug offenses can lead to fines and jail time, it is important for you to connect with an experienced Houston criminal lawyer in order to defend your rights. There may… Read More »

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